What is Lime?
Confidence in reporting.
Confidence in decision making.
Easy reporting and analysis.

Lime is here to make your life easier and make you look good!
There are two parts to the Lime Intelligence business

Lime Intelligence
Reporting & Analysis Tool

Confidence & Data Visualisation

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Lime Consulting

The Art and Science of Aviation

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Lime Intelligence Reporting & Analysis Tool

Lime Consulting



Client Testimonials

“For Hobart Airport, Lime Intelligence has enhanced our decision making. Whilst we previously had data in a central location, Lime Intelligence means that all users can extract results with speed and no specialist database skills or maintenance is required.

Rather than wonder, we can just quickly look at our data in all sorts of ways including by individual flight numbers, time of day, aircraft type and much more. By accessing flight by flight performance within minutes, we focus more on what the data is telling us than trying to extract it.

We have called it the ‘cool tool’ as I can even produce my 6-page monthly management report in minutes.”

Hobart Airport

"Lime Intelligence has given us confidence in our data accuracy and is so easy and intuitive to use. Before Lime Intelligence it was monthly Excel summaries in a number of files. We now have it all in one place, accessible for all users and have the ability to easily query the data. We know more about our airline business than ever before."

Nelson Airport

"Before Lime Intelligence, we had a series of Excel spreadsheets that could take hours to pull the information we needed to understand our airline performance. Now we have an easy to use tool that gives us the power of an experienced market analyst and we don’t need to worry about uploading airline data, it is all done for us! Now we just have the benefit of logging in and away we go."

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport