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Meet The Team

Carly & Matt - Managing Partners

Lime Intelligence has been built on the experience captured over the past 20+ years that Matt and Carly each have gained in building airport commercial capability. From previous roles as airport and airline CFO to airport General Manager Business Development and Marketing, Team Lime brings a wealth of airport and airline knowledge to our customers.

Carly Wieland

Carly has worked in the aviation industry for 20 years, focused on building airline business development and marketing strategies for airports.  Starting in 1998 at Tourism Queensland in aviation route development for the State of Queensland through to building the aeronautical and international business at Queensland Airports (Gold Coast, Townsville and Mount Isa) and more recently consulting to airports with Lime Intelligence.

Her experience is extensive, ranging from market research, airline business cases, passenger demand research, traffic forecasting to airline relationship development and building airport brands.

Carly offers an understanding of airline strategy and market dynamics that drive new passenger growth.

Carly has worked as a consultant for multiple airports and tourism entities across Australia, Canada, Pacific Islands and New Zealand on a range of projects from aviation marketing and research strategies to airline relationship development.

With an absolute passion for all things aviation, Carly has built the Lime tool with her co-founder Matt Dyer to ensure airports of all sizes can have easy access to confidence building data.

Matt Dyer

Matt is an experienced advisor and ‘Officer of the Company’ with a proven track record in working with businesses to create value and protect the company’s corporate interests. Matt has previously held roles in professional services firms, Deputy CEO and CFO of Queensland Airports Limited, CFO of Queensland Motorways Limited and CFO of Alliance Airlines.

With over 27 years of experience in finance roles, the bulk of this time has been in senior positions within the aviation and infrastructure industry.   This breadth of management experience translates to Matt bringing to the Lime Intelligence team an understanding of what drives the airport business and what information is required to make strategic decisions as well as how to present this information to a spectrum of stakeholders from management and boards to external stakeholders.

A key part of the previous projects that Matt has been involved with has been the use of technology and systems to improve business decisions and management.  This includes the implementation of several finance and information systems together with database solutions to assist process and decisions.

“Airports are our passion. We aim to give airports confidence in decision making with Lime and have some fun along the way using data to tell compelling stories.”

Team Lime

Lime Intelligence is powered by a group of eager professionals who understand aviation, technology solutions and the importance of being relevant. By always asking ourselves ‘so what’ when it comes to every challenge or project, we focus on relevance and looking for new solutions tailored for each customer. Together with our team of software developers we continue to evolve Lime Intelligence the Tool and look at ways to present visual and compelling stories through our Lime Consulting arm. We’d love to talk to you.