Empowering teams with easy access to multiple data sources in one central platform.


New Airline Schedules – Lime partners with global powerhouse OAG.



Knowledge is power and acts as your GPS.


Building confidence, business continuity and distribution of key insights for powerful teams.


Lime harnesses industry experts and delivers a business insights tool for decision makers.


More than just a reporting tool…

Lime Intelligence empowers airports with easy access to data. Lime presents complex information from multiple data sets in a simple and visual report style with the ability to filter these reports to tailor results to your needs. It also offers a unique and easy user experience platform to arm your airport team with powerful analysis and visual dashboards.

How does Lime add value? By building confidence in decision making with a ‘single source of truth’, consistency across teams as well as a powerful analytical resource for airports of all sizes.

Meaningful reports for enhanced decision making.

Built on over 45+ years of collective airport experience and working closely with clients and airlines, Lime Intelligence provides a ready built reporting tool designed specifically for airports.

Armed with analysis of both commercial and airline impacts on the airport, you can then enhance commercial revenue and use the data to predict airline behaviour, prevent capacity losses and identify opportunities.

The Lime Intelligence tool is supported by the Lime Consulting team, where we work with our airport partners on multiple projects to build airport revenue.

Contact us and we will give you confidence in reporting. Learn how to make data ‘look good’ and pull out key messages.  Turn complex multiple data sets into a centralised online visual reporting tool.

How? By bringing together interactive online reports coupled with our knowledge of airports based on over 45+ years of collective aviation experience.

Be part of the Lime Community! Benefit from shared learning and be part of the journey to deliver cutting edge, visual and relevant airport analysis and reporting.


Existing Clients

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August 19, 2020

Key Insights from ADMA 2020

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Client Testimonials

“For Hobart Airport, Lime Intelligence has enhanced our decision making. Whilst we previously had data in a central location, Lime Intelligence means that all users can extract results with speed and no specialist database skills or maintenance is required.

Rather than wonder, we can just quickly look at our data in all sorts of ways including by individual flight numbers, time of day, aircraft type and much more. By accessing flight by flight performance within minutes, we focus more on what the data is telling us than trying to extract it.

We have called it the ‘cool tool’ as I can even produce my 6-page monthly management report in minutes.”

Hobart Airport

"Lime Intelligence has given us confidence in our data accuracy and is so easy and intuitive to use. Before Lime Intelligence it was monthly Excel summaries in a number of files. We now have it all in one place, accessible for all users and have the ability to easily query the data. We know more about our airline business than ever before."

Nelson Airport

"Before Lime Intelligence, we had a series of Excel spreadsheets that could take hours to pull the information we needed to understand our airline performance. Now we have an easy to use tool that gives us the power of an experienced market analyst and we don’t need to worry about uploading airline data, it is all done for us! Now we just have the benefit of logging in and away we go."

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport

Why Lime is my favourite fruit.

What our customers say they love about working with Lime Intelligence, and how it helps them on a daily basis.